Monday, June 25, 2012

I can't...

I can't. I actually can't. It's so beautiful. Tell me you love it. I love it. You should love it, too. It's amazing. I love Ellie so much! She's absolutely amazing and I almost cried. I screamed. I just...I can't even express how hyper I am, at this moment in time. My wall is full of sexy. There's a Captain Jack Sparrow poster on my door. An Avengers poster near my window. Ellie's marvelloussssssssssssssssss fanart of the Grotesquery and her Sistaversary sign, next to my Avengers poster. ANDDDDDDD every time Derek mentioned me or replied to me inblogland has been print screened and stuck on my wall. ALONG WITH EVERY SINGLE LETTER FROM ELLIKINS.
AND NOW THIS. Just....

Anyway, I am still excited about the A I got in my French speaking. That I didn't start revising for until the day before..This just makes everything even better!

Also, my 'friend' that I used to hate - his name is Liam - lent my friend the first SP book. He said he didn't want it back, so now I have the original SP paperback, again! Which adds to my collection. I'll show it you soon...Maybe...When I get to fourty books...Which isn't too far away...I believe it to be a mere nine books away! XD ANNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDD in September-November time I am getting some of the US SP books, from my grandparents. MY COLLECTION IS GROWING. Cx

You should be jelly of the postcard.
It's amazing.
Even if it is the only signed thing I have...OH WELL. <3

Monday, June 18, 2012

Don't worry. Be happy! :D

Because Becky seriously made me smile with this<3
All credit to The Irrepressible One.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Proof Copy.

A proof copy, by definition, is the unedited version of a book.

In other news...

Le Gang gets to meet up!
We're going to beat each-other up with baguettes. JUST YOU WAITTTTTT!


I told you this blog would be full of stupid little things. ^_^


So, I will probably post my vlogs that I am to make and lots of selcas I take. I'm likely to go on random rants and ask dodgy questions about unicorns riding rainbows whilst munching on cherries and day-dreaming of baguettes, but that's on a normal day so that's why it's so 'normal'. Anyway, this is me (IknowIamnotprettybutwhateverrrrrrr).
Told you I had a proof copy! :P

I was getting ready to go out and I didn't look too bad, so...

Yes, I have a bow-thing on my face. Your point is?
So, now you know what I look like. Some of you may now know who I am, but shhhh! ;)
Now that'll do because I am not in photogenic in the slightest! ^_^ *hides behind a boulder*.