Sunday, June 10, 2012


So, I will probably post my vlogs that I am to make and lots of selcas I take. I'm likely to go on random rants and ask dodgy questions about unicorns riding rainbows whilst munching on cherries and day-dreaming of baguettes, but that's on a normal day so that's why it's so 'normal'. Anyway, this is me (IknowIamnotprettybutwhateverrrrrrr).
Told you I had a proof copy! :P

I was getting ready to go out and I didn't look too bad, so...

Yes, I have a bow-thing on my face. Your point is?
So, now you know what I look like. Some of you may now know who I am, but shhhh! ;)
Now that'll do because I am not in photogenic in the slightest! ^_^ *hides behind a boulder*.


  1. Ya know ya are pretty!

    And I still don't know what a proof copy is!

  2. Now I want a proof copy... still not knowing what is completly is

    1. Proof copies are amazing, Nix. You should buy one.
      Even if they are £30-ish when they're cheap. ^_^