Sunday, February 10, 2013


Well, this is the first dedication I have written since last year… And it’s been almost a year since I’ve been here, in Blogland. It’s over a year, however, since I’ve been active in this fandom. A year and a couple of months, I believe. Since I made my page (Skulduggery Pleasant Magic Vs. Magic) November of 2011.

Wow, long time ago…

Time seems to go so quickly when you’re having fun. And, despite not always having fun, Blogland is the most fun, safe, enjoyable, funny, beautiful place I have ever been. The Blogland community may only be small and we all have our problems, but not once has that stopped you all from being welcoming towards me and many others.
I never used to think anyone would like me; I used to be convinced that I was ugly, I used to hate myself more than anyone and, still, I sometimes do.

Blogland is almost like a place of healing. It’s a place of acceptance and freedom of speech (most of the time), Blogland has suffered some great losses in the past, but still it stands. Like a star in the sky, still burning brightly.

Blogland isn’t a place, not really. Blogland can be wherever you want it to be. Under the sea, in the sky, in the middle of London, New York, Canberra or Dublin! Blogland is not a particular place, but it is everywhere. Everywhere, including my heart.

Blogland has been there for me over the past year (ish) more than most people. I don’t have very many “real” friends, because I lack social skills. I often find myself to have insulted someone by accident, and my moodswings aren’t the most helpful… Oh and there’s the fact that once deemed ugly by society, there’s almost no coming back from that. However, Blogland is different. Blogland is full of life, even when dying.

Blogland is full of surprises and there’s never really a dull day. Blogfights, arguments, laughs, gossiping, romances… It’s like a fairy-tale. Except, it’s real. You’re all real people, the things that are going on in our lives are real and the friendships between us are probably more real than people that already know each-other. So, I partially dedicate to Blogland. Blogland is nothing without Bloglandians – keep that in mind.


I’m finding this really difficult to write, because, if I could, I’d be writing everyone their own little dedication. Because everyone deserves to know that they’re loved.

Instead, I guess I’ll just carry on typing and see where this goes… It’s nowhere near as good as anything else I’ve ever written, because I feel a tad ropey and, most of the time, when I write dedications I’m really emotional AND MAKE EVERYONE CRY. I’ll try, though.

I think, the rest of my dedication will go to magic.

Not magic like in Skulduggery, or Percy Jackson, or Harry Potter or anything like that. And certainly not magic as in the final line of Skulduggery Pleasant that just causes floods of feels that fans constantly drown in.

No, I’m dedicating to real magic.

I’ve probably lost some of you, haven’t I? Magic is whatever you want it to be. It’s all around us. Magic is everything and anything, or nothing at all. It’s down to belief.

Personally, I believe magic is what all of you are. The way that you can smile despite what is going on in your lives, the fact that you keep fighting despite it being a losing battle, in the eyes of most. The way none of you give up that anything is possible. Because, really, anything is possible.

You’ve all proven that odds are just some numbers. It’s almost impossible that I’m alive, according to the odds. Odds are odds, not facts. The odds that this will be good are incredibly low, but I could surprise us all. Odds are stupid, you’ve shown me that. I didn’t realise how lucky I was to be alive until I met all of you.

Despite staring death straight in the eyes, I thought life was stupid. I still often find myself in that horrid place where death seems like the only friend you have. There are very, very few things that get me out of that place. And, surprisingly enough, my family isn’t one of them. Blogland, however, is. Blogland is there for me when no-one else is and, to me, that’s magic.

It’s magic, to me, that I can have friends, that I can smile and actually sometimes catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and not hate myself, it’s magic that people actually care for me.

Magic isn’t just fiction, to me. Magic is friends and family. And, really, you’re the best family I could ever have.


I’ll never be able to thank you enough, for the way you’ve shown me there are good things in life, and how to smile and laugh, taught me that even I’m pretty (sort of), shown me other ways of life and made me a better person, all around. Oh, and saved me from myself more times than I can count.


So, I dedicate to magic and to Blogland. Because Blogland is magical.


Also, I dedicate to the perfection that is Maralie Lily Charm; she’s more beautiful than I could ever wish to be, with a heart of gold and a smile brighter than the sun is, she’s truly amazing.