Saturday, October 13, 2012

Love, Hate and Bubbly Things

It's nice to know you're cared about from time to time. And, sometimes, people don't hear enough how important they are to the world.

So, to every single person reading this blog right now, a world without you wouldn't be the same.

I'm honestly so glad that every single one of you is alive. Thank you for being alive. You're so important to me.

I love knowing that my friends are okay. I'm slightly obsessed with those I care about being alright, because my nightmares show those I love being tortured and dying...

That's why it hurts me so much when I don't hear from people in a long time...

So, to the person I used to care about,

Thanks for not even thinking to say hello. Most people will tell me they're still okay and they're still living, but you didn't. You just expected me to be okay, despite me trusting you so much.

Take this how you will...I'm just learning not to care about everyone. Because not everyone is worth it. You'll think of it as nothing, no doubt. However, that nothing is more than something for me.

Clearly "I love you," are just three words you use to get what you want. Those three words have been said too much.

So, I don't love anybody. Because that word has lost all meaning for me.

Congratulations, you've changed me again...


Bubbles are happy things and they're so light and peaceful. From the beginning they're lighter than air as they float through the sky. Bubbles carry smiles from the start, to the finish. Bubbles mean happiness and joy, even when they pop. For me, bubbles provide an everlasting joy. I'll never forget how bubbles were one of the few things that could make me laugh when I was injured. Now they bring me happiness because of the childhood memories they bring. Bubbles are amazing, basically.

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