Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You and I'll be safe and sound

"I’d like to dedicate to a couple of things, but mainly happiness…So, here goes (I’m not in a dedicating mood so I apologize!)…

Happiness is an option. You can choose whether you wish to be happy or not. And, I know you’re all going to choose the right option when it comes down to it. But, in case you’re not too sure…

Life without happiness would be no life worth living. I’m only happy because of all of you. You are all my friends, or family. You’re more like family to me, I guess. So, my family are the reason I am happy. There’s always a reason to be happy, and you’re mine! I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone, or something, that will make you happy. No matter how little this thing may seem, hold onto it! Never let the happiness go.

There’s a girl I know, here in Blogland, and she’s one of the strongest people I’ve ever known. She’s been through a lot, especially recently. And she’s often overlooked, but she’s still fighting. She might tell herself every day that she’s ugly or worthless…But that’s not the case. She’s young and beautiful and more amazing than I could ever be! I can’t imagine a world without her, because the effect she can have is immense – whether you realise it straight away or not. The name you know her by is Willow, and I think it suits her. Because Willow is beautiful, just like her. Keep smiling, sweetie.

I remember when I was younger…I wasn’t quite as bad as I am now. I was nowhere near as bad, actually. I could still smile and carry on, despite everything. But now? Now I can’t seem to carry on and smile at everything, no matter how bad things get. Not like I used to. Because now I know what it’s like to be loved and to care about other people – I know what it’s like to have hope. I now can’t bear to be without you all, because you are all the reasons that I am living, right now. Flame, in particular (especially recently)! Now I can’t seem to go a day without breaking down into tears, because I can’t cope. But the only thing that keeps me going is getting home to talk to those I love. The only thing that keeps me going is this fandom, no matter how ridiculous I sound.

Every morning I write on my wrist ‘don’t lose hope,’ (thank you, Derek and Joe! I love you guys more than anything! <3) and ‘don’t die,’ (Zath, thank you so much! You’re perfect:3). I also read a certain e-mail sent to me by the amazing Flameeeeeeee, because it was one of the nicest things I’ve ever read. Every positive thing about me I read I remember. I force myself to remember it, even if I struggle to accept it. I’m doing better than I used to. Now, I can accept that I’m clever, which is more than I used to be able to accept! :D and there is only one group of people to thank for that – this fandom. So, I thank you all for being your perfect selves.

 I hope that you’ll never ever lose hope and keep fighting. If I had one wish it’d be for you all to be happy, because that’s all I want in life. I know it sounds stupid, but I honestly only want your happiness. Please remember that you’re loved by someone and if you only do one thing today, please let it be that you just smile. Because a smile can make the world of a difference, just like a simple compliment.

Thank you to everyone that has read this, I hope that you will be happy as often as you can be, because being sad/depressed/angry/annoyed or anything but happy is generally not worth it. I promise you. I know I fail to be happy a lot, I’m sorry. I just want you all to be happy, because that makes me even happier! I love you all, even those of you I don’t particularly like…Don’t die; don’t lose hope; don’t let anyone tell you you’re not perfect and be brave…A smile can save a life, just remember that. <3"
So, that's my latest dedication...I didn't think I had much more to say, but it turns out I do!
Flame is one of the most amazing people I've ever known, you see, and deserves recognition for his awesomeness. Flame, my dear, you're perfect and I thought you needed to know of this little fact! Flame is an incredibly caring person and without him I don't know what I'd do. He's hawt;) and he's got an amazing personality. I swear, he's flawless! I wish I could write more, but...I don't know what I can say that'd do you justice... Stay strong, because you're magnificent!
Zathhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I don't care that your name is shorter than I wrote it to be here, I really don't care. It requires that many h's because there's too much awesome for your name to be so short! :P I don't really have much to say about you, because you know how awesome I think you are! And you deny it every time... SO I SHALL TELL YOU HOW AWESOME YOU ARE EVERY TIME WE TALK, UNTIL YOU BELIEVE ME! :3
Sparky, the spark of light that Blogland will always need! You're incredible and if anyone thinks otherwise they need high-fiving. In the face. With a metal chair. Because they couldn't be more wrong! You're so incredibly brilliant it hurts! Please never ever leave my life, you're...Wow. You're perfect, okay? I love you so much! You're my little sister! <3 Stay strong!