Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just a quick post...

There's this girl I know, she's absolutely gorgeous, but she doesn't believe it. She's perfect, I swear! I cannot find a single flaw in her, and I am usually good for spotting flaws! This girl, though, I've never found a flaw in. I've known her around four months now, I think. She really doesn't see things the way we do, she faces the world with a smile and no matter what anyone says to her she is nice to them. She's unbelievably nice and kind, sweet and considerate. She's like a sister to me and a world without her would most definitely be a cold one! She is always there for me with hugs and a smile. And I owe her so much.

I could tell you all about her, but words can do her no justice. She's my big sister and I can't imagine a world without her. Anyone that harms her in any way will make a new enemy almost instantly, I can be rather protective over those I love, especially those that care for me so much.

So, Kallista Pendragon, keep smiling that beautiful smile because I'll be here for you as much as I can. One day I'll be there for real, be there to hug you and punch anyone that needs punching. I'll also be there to give you lots of sweets, because sweets are sugary and they take away the bitter part of life even though it's only for a short while! Stay strong, I love you, remember that. <3

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