Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Well, I decided to read through all my old dedications...And I realised I don't really want to lose them. Because I can sometimes be pretty wise, it seems. And since I am unsure of what to say, today...You're getting spammed with my dedications!

Love and Compassion!

" I've not dedicated in a while. So, I’m a tad rusty. Hahaha. But, I think I know what I want to dedicate to. Something that is part of all of us.
I’d like to dedicate to love and compassion. We show one another love and compassion pretty much every day. That’s something I love about this fandom- the majority of us are lovely. There’s only the odd one or two of you that’s not so nice to the rest of us. But, I guess, that’s probably just one of those things. It’s how it works, I guess. You get some wrong, you get some right. Maybe you just need to step back and have a look at the damage you cause…Anyway, back to the love and compassion…
When I first became part of this fandom, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I was slightly scared that no-one would like me, like it was at school and whatever…But, from the moment I said one word you were all supportive and loving. You always seem to accept people for who they are. And, though everyone has their own group of friends within this fandom, you all kind of…Came together to welcome the new person. I see this happen every single time we get a newbie. It’s moments like that that make me proud to be a Skuttlebug. Make me proud to be a Minion.
Some faith in humanity is restored when I talk to you all. You all seem to attempt to face someone’s problems as a team as opposed to making someone go it alone. You’re all like one huge family. You might fall out with a couple of people, but the love is still there. You’re there for one another when someone needs help the most. There’s always someone there for people that need help.
Every generation of bloglandian we have had have become closer. They have faced their demons together and some have even fought against one another…But, in the end, you always manage to pull yourselves back together. You work as a team. Like a machine, every piece is crucial. Without just one of you things wouldn’t work anywhere near as well.
I’ve been told by a lot of you that I do a lot for you guys. I’ve had Sparky tell me that I see the best in people. I’ve had Hellboy telling me I’m fantastic and brilliant. I’ve had a fair few of you tell me that I am strong and that I’m a great person. So many of you compliment me and I never used to see the truth. But, now, I see the light. You guys were right and you compliment me all the time. But if I am all of these things, what are you? You all do so much for one another. Help each-other when things are tough, make each-other laugh when everything is going wrong and made each-other smile so bright that they lit up their own way through the darkness. My point is, you all work as a team to help each-other. Skuttlebugs. That’s what everyone says the name of the fandom is. It’s not just a fandom. I assure you. We’re a family. We are one together.
You guys see the best in people and don’t take them for any less than that. You guys can see as man sides of a person as they have and still see the brightness shining through the dark.
The love you show one another is immense and thought there is magic in the fandom through throwing fireballs and flying through the air, the real magic is within you. Within all of you. This bond that you all seem to have is forever. You jump in and save someone when they need it and you help each-other through every little step. Half of us don’t even know the people we tend to spend our lives talking to, but that’s what proves how strong love truly is. How magical love can be.
Our shared love for this series of books has brought together thousands of fans and changed their lives. It’s not just the Skulduggery Pleasant books that are amazing, it’s the fandom too. This is literally the best fandom I have ever known. Including the Mockingjays with their District Twelve Salute, of sorts. This fandom. This is the more true and pure fandom ever, in my opinion. You are all tremendous people and there’s just one word I want to say to you, now…This one word is what you all are. No matter how many times you deny it, it won’t stop it from being true…

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  1. Aw! I'm perfect... :3 Inspirational that was, Fei. L. I seriously don't know what to call you anymore.