Saturday, September 22, 2012

Here, have a ded

"Blogland means a lot to a lot of people. It might be on the internet and we might never get to meet another Bloglandian, but it doesn't stop Blogland from being a place of fun, safety and love. Blogland has been around for a while, now. We've had plenty of people grace Blogland, we have had plenty of people appear once and never return, and we’ve had people move to chat rooms and to Facebook and to alternative blogs. We have had our fair share of fights and fallouts, but we have also had more than our fair share of heroes.
Each Bloglandian here, past, present and future is a hero in his/her own way. Most of you don't seem to see yourselves as much...but I see your true worth. You're worth more than all of the money in the world, to me. Even when you're gone, I'll remember you. You're always going to be in my heart and in my mind, whether I'm here or not.
I hate those people that say "You need to live in the real world, not this place from your imagination. Life isn't really like that." I hate them. But I also feel sorry for them. Our imaginations are incredible things and this, *gestures to Blogland* is just more proof. Our imaginations are the key to success, we are the future and with our minds we can make it brighter. We can make a difference. Plenty of people here in Blogland have been inspired by others, people have found love; safety; a second shot at life; friends and, best of all, people have found you guys - the people I would do everything I could to ensure they were happy. To ensure you are happy.
Blogland isn't a make-believe place. Blogland is a part of us, every single person that comments here is a part of Blogland.
Blogland isn't on Derek's blog. Blogland isn't on any blog (well, there are maps, but...). Blogland isn't on the internet. Blogland is real, because we are Blogland.
You can never really destroy Blogland, even if Derek stopped posting - we would still have Blogland. Blogland is always going to be here, be there. Blogland is everywhere and means the world to me, because WE are Blogland.
Anyone that thinks they can leave Blogland forever couldn't be more wrong if they tried. You can't leave Blogland forever, because it's a part of you. It's rather difficult to leave a part of you me, I've tried.

Blogland isn't quite complete without all the regulars, here...So, I also want to dedicate to each and every regular we have ever had the honour of knowing.
I'll start with Hellboy...One of the first Bloglandians ever. And he still visits sometimes. Hellboy, or HB, is an incredibly talented individual who I've grown to love immensely these past two months. He's always there for anyone he can be there for and I still wonder why he's so nice to me when I don't deserve it…[EDIT: I could’ve gone on, but I’m sure you must’ve realised by now how much you truly mean to me… You’re awesome! And words do you no justice.]
Kallista Pendragon. One of the more well-known Bloglandians. She treats everyone she speaks with so much love and respect. She's a sister to so many people and no matter how hard I try I could never be as beautiful as her. She will always be there for me, even when she's not there physically or online...I always know that she cares. [EDIT: Kallista, you’re phenomenal. Ignore haters- haters gonna hate.]
Also to the older generations that I don't speak with as much. The effect they've had on Blogland is tremendous and I can only ever dream of calling anyone as amazing as any one of those a friend, because I could never deserve them.
You newer Bloglandians - Eden, Death and Brave - you might irritate me a lot and you might drive me crazy, but you're awesome. You're incredible people, don't change yourself for any f*cker else, because being true to yourself is the only thing that matters.
Val. V, now's my beautiful sister doing? Did I tell you I'm adopting you as my sister? I probably should collect Skulduggery books, like me! You're so incredibly funny and - despite what anyone says to you - girl, you're stunning. You might be murderous, but you're lovely. You make me want to start watching Doctor Who again, as well...GAH. I love you, okay? Never change! [EDIT: VAL YOU’RE TREMENDOUS AND WE SHALL STALK THE GOLDEN GOD TOGETHER ONE DAY. You’re also really awesome and lovable. Anyone that insults you will be lectured on sparrow flight patterns, aight?]
Zaaaaaaaaffffffffff. *grins* You're my necromancer buddy and partner in crime - when I can be bothered, that is. :P You're the main reason I started reading Hunger Games. Now I'm obsessed. I AM BUYING ALL THE HG THINGS. And you're an incredibly awesome admin, f*ck whatever that other b*tch says!

FLAAAAAAAMMMMEEEE. *giggles and hugs* My amazingly talented friend, you're ...I don't even have words for how awesome you are. When I first came here I actually thought you hated me, I swear! It was recently when I decided that you don't hate me. XD You're hawt, okay;) Never ever change, because you're you and you are perfect. ANDOURAMAZINGCONVERSATIONSWINATLIFEOKAY. [EDIT: ehehehe. I plan on buying a new bookcase for when your set of novels are released;) Hurry up, so I can fangirl over your books and you can take me with you on your signings;D But I’d be so short compared to you…STOP GROWING!]
Emeraldddddddd. You're gorgeous. We did fall out for a little while, but you've always been fricking amazing, to me. You're bloody brilliant! You've helped me so much and no matter how much I don't want to care about you out of fear of losing you, I care about you so much. So, NO DYING.
Calamity, ohmygod you make me smile so much! You say you've barely helped me? I say that's a lie. The best kind of help, I think, is a hug and making someone laugh. You happen to be amazing at both those things. *huggles* XD LOVE YOU.
EVVVVVVVVEEEEE. You're so cheerful! Like Clarabelle, but incredibly intelligent. XD And probably more peculiar. Live chickens...ahaha. Eve, you're truly remarkable and a world without you would be a rather boring one. You're the most optimistic and one of the most lovable people I've ever known. Never ever change.
Nix, you're strange. You're also HILARIOUS. And pretty clever. XD No matter how many times you argue with people, including me, I'll be there for you. Because I'm incredibly argumentative myself. C: And you're pretty damn awesome.

Sparky...You might have left us, for an incredibly lame reason, but I still love you. My little sister that is always there for me, no matter what happens. You're a bright spark that brightens everything up, even when everything is so dark it seems impossible to ever get better. You'll brighten up the world with your talent with words - you're one of the most talented writers I have ever known. I would honestly have a tough time deciding between your writing and Derek's...You're always going to be in my heart, because despite being blog, and fandom, famous you're down to earth. And you even accepted me, which is something a lot of people seem to find difficult. Before I started commenting on the blog I looked up to you, because you have always been amazingly brilliant. Now? Now I couldn't be more thankful for calling you one of my best friends. Every time you're on here at the same time as me, I know I'm going to have a laugh. I remember the first time I ever got an e-mail from you. I almost screamed in disbelief. I love you, girl. I'm never going to forget you, even if you forget me. I hope you see this and I hope you'll return, because without you I don't know where I'd be. I owe you so much and thank you will never be enough...but, it's a start. So, thank you, Sparky. Thank you for everything, you're inspirational.
Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Yes, your name has that many Rs. Now correct your name. :P STAR, I'D CALL YOU BUBBLY BUT YOU'RE A STAR. AND STARS AREN'T BUBBLES.'re starrified. I've always loved stars. The amount of bags I have with stars on is unbelievable. Stars are beautiful; bright; shiny and helpful. You're all of those things and more. Star, you're hilarious, too. Lighting up the night sky! XD You're perfecccccttttt, ACCEPT IT OR I'LL THROW POPCORN AT YOU.

LYNXIA LOST. Lynxia is so pretty it hurts. Seriously, she's one of the most beautiful people I've ever known - her heart is pure, too! Lynxia is always there for me when I need her and if I didn't have her in my life...Then I don't know what I'd do. She’s so strong and so perfect. I just wish she could see how amazing I think she is. I PLAN ON MEETING YOU AT A SIGNING NEXT YEAR, LYNXIA. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. Lynxia was the first blog-sister I got and I love her more than anything, 'cause she's amazingggg. If any of you fail to see her awesome, you need your head checking. If any of you say anything offensive to her, you will have made yourself a new enemy. Lynxia is always here for me and I'd do anything to ensure her happiness and safety, because she means more to me than the world itself - she's the best sister I could ever want. Lynxia, you're my sister, not just blogsister, actual sister. I've decided. I'm so lucky to have you in my life AND WE CAN FANGIRL OVER LINK, LOKI AND LEGOLAS. (What is it with us and the letter L? *realises both Lynxia and Luciana begin with the letter L and laughs*) L IS THE BEST LETTER IN THE ALPHABET. [EDIT: I just realised how little I wrote for you…asdfgjk THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. You’re the one that got me reading Gone! It’s amazingggggggg. I love you, alright? You’re my sister. And you’re stunning and amazing and tremendous and you’re you. You shall never cease to be perfect. <3]
Now, to anyone I haven't already mentioned....I love you all more than words can say. You're my heroes, I love you all.

Hmm...I think I'm forgetting someone really important...I just can't think who could have had a huge impact on my life...I can't think of that person who is always there for me and refuses to hate me...the person that makes me laugh, no matter how I'm feeling. The person that makes me laugh so much that I ache, the person I argue with about who is awesome..The person I could tell anything to and have no fear of being hated.

I'll never forget you, Zath. No matter what happens you're always going to be in my heart, because you're amazing. You're that person I can count on all the time. I've known you for less than a year, but it was only recently when I realised your true worth. There are very few people that I know I am myself around and there are very few people I trust as much as I trust you. You have showed me that I'm not on my own. You have proved to me several times over that there's always something worth fighting for. You've been amazing since always;3 You're always here for me when I need someone. You can tell when there's something wrong without me even having to say so, it seems. *draws a flower on Zath's face in pink highlighter* You stopped me from self-harming. And gave me something to smile about. Keep on writing, I want to be the first to buy your first book, alright? I'll be your biggest stan (stalker-fan, for those of you that are poorly educated);3

Zath, I don't care about your past. And I don't care who you hurt - unless it's Lynxia - because you're amazing and you mean the world to me.

Life is too short, remember? The past is the past, the future is still to come. Let's live in the present, because the present is our time.

Derek, I'd dedicate to you but you're getting a letter, instead. :P

Now, I'm going again. I'll be back by the 14th of November, for Kallista's birthday. And stay until at least the 18th, maybe stay for good. But I want to be around my friends for my 16th birthday.

Feel free to forget me, I don't mind. It's probably going to be better for you all that way. However, I'd hate you to forget that you're loved. So, even if you choose to forget me, remember that somebody somewhere loves you. You don't have to remember my name or my face, or even my personality. Not even what I've done. Just remember you're loved.

I'll talk to you when I get back, I guess...please excuse my typos. I'll try to reply to some e-mails when I can. I'll read your blogs and leave the odd comment. I might end up blogging once it twice, myself.

Please, everyone, don't die whilst I'm gone... <3

See you all later..


I love you all, even those of you I don't particularly like."


  1. Oh my gosh, so much love in one post! Don't panic, but I think the internet might break...

    Beautiful post, Fei. Or L. Whoever this is.

    Try not to stay away too long, okay? And post a lot when you come back!

  2. Luceeee!!! This is beautiful!!!! *huggles* LOVE YAS!