Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This world is full of lies!

This world is full of lies…
The truth may be difficult to uncover, but it’s never gone.
The truth is a bright light, where the clouds are the lies. Clouds hide the light when you need it the most. Just like lies masking the truth. However, one day the light will shine through – just like you’ll see the truth.
You are beautiful, because you are you.
I know I link people to this song a lot, but…It means a lot. These four beautiful girls feel self-conscience all the time. It proves that U Gotta Love Yourself! Because you are you! And you is perfect.
I think I’m ugly,
And nobody wants to love me,
Just like her I wanna be pretty,
I wanna be pretty

Don’t lie to my face,
‘Cause I know I’m ugly…

This world is full of lies!

This world truly is full of lies. But, the lies we tell each-other are nothing compared to the lies we tell ourselves. If someone says to you ‘you’re ugly’, you’ll know that the lie you’ve just been told is nothing compared to what you tell yourself. You’re beautiful. Of course you’re beautiful, you’re a human and I cannot imagine a world without you. I love you all. Every single person that reads this – and every single person that doesn’t – should know that they’re amazing.
Make it your task every day to tell one person their worth – even if it’s just “I’m glad you’re alive,”
By making someone smile, you could be saving their life. Have you ever thought about it like that? Have you ever thought of yourself as a hero? Because you could be a hero. You can be a hero. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.
Don’t put yourself down and give in before you’ve even tried, don’t waste your talent, don’t live in the past or the future, hope for something more, yeah, but make an effort to change your future for the better! They say that there’s always someone better and someone worse, but why can’t we all be equal? Why can’t we all make a difference!? Why can’t we all know that we’re beautiful? Why can’t we all know how perfect we all are!?

Go on…Ask yourself why.
Why haven’t you changed!?
Why aren’t you doing what you want to do?
Why are you holding yourself back?
Why can’t you believe that you’re beautiful?

I’ll tell you why, shall I?
It’s because society, it’s because we, believe(s) that there is something called perfection. It’s because we’re humans. And what do humans do? They want. They desire. We want and we desire. We want more. We need more. Or, at least, that’s what we tell ourselves…

If I could have one wish…It wouldn’t be anything for me. It wouldn’t be for world peace. It wouldn’t be for everyone’s safety. It wouldn’t be for no more starvation or no more natural disasters. Nor would it be for everyone to stop committing crimes.
It’d be for everyone to be able to smile. It’d be for everyone to be happy. Even if it was only for a moment…Everybody deserves happiness. Everyone deserves to smile and to be happy…

Happiness is a choice. Are you going to sit by and allow yourself to be angry/depressed/upset/irritated/anything but happy for the rest of your life? Or are you going to allow yourself to be happy and regret less?
I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to be happy as much as I can. I know it’d be rather ridiculous for me to say I don’t believe in being depressed, because I am a lot of the time…But, I do believe in being happy. And I do believe in living your life to the full – so you should do that!
Please, do yourself a favour and…smile. Smile once in a while!


  1. You made me smile. Amazing post. :)

  2. Why can't I accept I'm beautiful? The same reason you can't, the same reason you almost touched on. It's because we are brought up to see people on magazines, films or music videos who have been air brushed or photo shopped to make them look prettier, lighter, more perfect, that you touched on. until this air brushing stops, I won't be able to accept any complement given to me. no matter what it is.

    when people ask me why I hate my life, it's not the stuff that's happened, it's that society has always told me I'm ugly. and now I have to love with that and until there's change, I won't be able to think any different.

    but for you, I'll smile, just for a bit.

  3. *hgus Lucy*
    Thanks for posting this. I will smile for you. But I want to see that you can smile too.

  4. Because of this I will smile. I'll smile a true smile, not a mask, an actually true one. Thank you Lucy *hugs*

  5. *smiles* :)

    And then you don't see why you're awesome. :)

    (Actually, you're awesome in many ways, but this is one of them, so yeah).

    *nods* Thank you. *stores post in material-for-persuading-people-they're-awesome part of brain*

    And it's very, very true. My mum did a talk once in this school about image and self-esteem, and she tested it on me first, and in it she showed a some pictures of circles. One was a circle surrounded my small circles. The other was a circle surrounded by bigger circles. The circle surrounded by small circles looked bigger, and you could hardly believe my mum when she said they were the same size. If you look at lots of small circles, unrealistitc, Photoshopped 'beautiful' people, you think you look worse than if you just look at normal people.

    So yes. :)