Sunday, September 23, 2012


I am terrible at blogging. It’s rather amusing, to be honest. They do say that practice makes perfect, though, so I guess you’ll be seeing a lot from me – blogging-wise. 

I think YG may have some sort of magical power to get songs by their artists stuck in your head forever…I mean, Fantastic Baby and Ms. Liar (by BIG BANG) are always in my head, same with UGLY and I Am The Best (by 2NE1). It’s a YG thing. Clearly. If YG ever go to London and do a YG family concert I am going. I love YG! And this song…Oh, dear…This song will not leave my head. It’s slightly painful, to be honest… PSY’s Gangnam Style…

I do love a lot of metal/rock music, too! I grew up listening to that kind of music. And I’ll always love it. Always. Apparently I’ve got a strange taste when it comes to music…Rock and K-Pop…I think it’s weird. I like it. Weird is good.

Speaking of weird, I was – according to my dad – a weird child. I used to call Kawasaki’s quacksakis, because I was that cool of a kid. I want a Kawasaki so badly! Anyone fancy buying me one for my 21st? According to the law I can’t have a Kawasaki for another five years! It’s rather annoying…I probably thought about this because I was watching MotoGP earlier. And I still find it sad because my favourite rider was lost in one of the races… Rest in peace, Simoncelli! My heart goes out to you!

“At least he died doing what he loved,”

Skulduggery is involved in every part of my life. I’m not even joking. It’s everywhere. Physically and mentally, Skulduggery is all over. Skulduggery Pleasant shall rule the world! ...That’s a pretty awesome thought, actually.

Imagine a world ruled by a skeleton detective…

It’d be fun.

And dangerous, most probably.

Especially after what happened with Weeper in Dark Days…

He’d scare pretty much everyone.

The world should be ruled by a skeleton detective. It’s decided.

Maybe it’s Skulduggery’s fault Panem comes into existence!

He destroys the world and then the Capitol takes over…

Yes. This is how it happens. Skulduggery caused the Hunger Games.

This makes me happy, so this is what happened.

Now I haven’t the foggiest what I was going to say, so I shall leave you with this…


  1. Hahah, practice does make perfect. But you aren't bad at posting.

    GANGNAME STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You're not terrible at blogging.

    You have succsessfully got this song in my head, where I have no idea what he is saying, BUT THANK YOU!

  3. I think a world ruled by Skulduggery would be great!!! Me and a few others would try to kill him so we could actually meet him!!!