Saturday, September 22, 2012

Imaginations are the key to success...

Ellie (ELLIKINS) sent me a letter for out 6 month Sistaversary on the 11th of this month! It was an emotional day, given the date, and it was even more emotional because of those letters. She had me in tears, which isn't such an easy task. Ellie sent me to letters, a keyring from Camden Market - which is sat on top of one of my Skulduggery books out of fear of breaking it - a skull bracelet that isn't leaving my wrist any time soon and the Hunger Games Illustrated Movie Guide! I love Ellikins so much. Espcially because she slipped something else into that parcel...
That little artistic sister of mine sent me a collection of drawings of some of my favourite characters from my main fandoms (Sherlock, Hunger Games and Skulduggery Pleasant - OF COURSE). And it's the sexiest thing on my wallllllllllll.


She's amazing. Fabulous. Perfect. I love her. My wall looks sexier every day. My sister says I'm weird because I save every drawing, letter, blog mention, dedication and random creation. I'm thinking about starting a book of all my dedications, actually...Opinions? Not that anyone reads this blog...This is usually just for myself. And because it's supposed to help with my therapy..Hmm...DOUBT IT.

So here's a close up of one of the letters. 'You also thought KFC stood for Kan't Find the Chicken'... I'm blonde...It's allowed. Maybe. I did know it was Kentcuky Fried Chicken, but my grandad and my dad decided it'd be funny to convince me otherwise...Little gullible me decided to believe them. And then Ellie ended up finding out...Over skype? I don't remmber. But now you all know, I guess...See, I do have some good memories. I think the whole KFC incident is one of my best memories.
I like memories. Memories are nice. Memories are good. Even the bad ones. Bad memories help you to appreciate the good ones!
Hunger Games Companion. Hunger Games Illustrated Movie Guide. Mockingjay Pendant. Mockingjay Pin. Because I'm not obsessed at all...
I might buy the American Hardback editions of the Hunger Games, actually. They're pretty. I want them on my bookcase. I'll buy some hardbacks. It's decided.
Presents from Ellikins! It's clear that Ellie knows me well. Hunger Games, skulls and telling me to keep calm...My sister is perfect. I wish she was my real sister. Maybe I can convince my mum to adopt her? Doubt it. Worth a try though, right?

Skeleton Creek! Oh my Golden God, this book makes me happy. Sparky recommended this book to me, so I bought it from Amazon. And I love it! It's awesome. Not quite as creepy as I had hoped, but my version of creepy is probably much different to pretty much everybody else's. It's supposed to be terrifying, I didn't find it very terrifying. Scary, I guess. Thrilling, most definitely. Terrifying? Not exactly. Then again, I'm not easily scared. And I'ev yet to watch the videos. I might do that after this. I could do with a bit of a scare, after all. Patrick Carman is an incredibly talented writer and Skeleton Creek is an amazingly awesome book. It's by far one of my favourite books, aside from Skulduggery Pleasant and Hunger Games. I'm sure you'll find it scary if you read it. You should read it. It' I was left speechless when I finished it. Slightly disappointed, but speechless. I am always disappointed at the end of books, though. Probably because it's the fact that I have finished the book and I want more? I'm not too sure...But now I've got to finish Gone before I can buy the rest of the Artemis Fowl series and then I'll buy some other books to read. Maybe some manga? I've not read manga in a while...Anyway, Skeleton Creek = Awesome book!
I bought these books (The Gone series by Michael Grant) because Lynxia (Lost) told me they were good books and look at the colours of the pages. Green. Orange. Blue. Familiar colours? Playing With Fire, Skulduggery Pleasant, The Faceles Ones. That's what I thought, anyway...Made me smile. In the middle of Costco running up to look at Hunger Games and finding Gone. Even better! For my exam results, I got the first three Gone books. I'm only part way thruogh Gone, but so far it's epic! If you've not read them - read them. Now. I've been ill recently, but I forced myself to read the books even when  found concentrating difficult. They're that good. Not quite Hunger Games good. And most definitely not as good as Skulduggery Pleasant. Though, they are good. So, read them. *nods*

I'll finish reading them soon. As soon as I get better! I promise.

SKULDUGGERY BOOKS. ehehehehe. I'm sure the majority of you are aware of my obsession with collecting this series of books...Recently I aquired another five books. These five books took me up to a total of Forty Skulduggery Pleasant Books! Kingdom Of The Wicked (Collectors Edition Hardback - only available at WHSmiths); Kingdom Of The Wicked (Hardback); Skulduggery Pleasant (orange edged edition); The Faceless Ones (Large Paperback - finally!) and Skulduggery Pleasant Battle Pack. I decided on buying the Battle Pack as my 40th Skulduggery book because of a typo, my dear, Ellikins made - "I actually need to butt a Battle Pack". And that's the story behind how I deciced which book I wanted to be my 40th!
Look at these, though. Collectors Edition, on the left, is red. And red is a sexy colour. So KotW is a sexy book. But the normal Kingdom Of The Wicked is gold. Wchih is even better, I think. It's golden. Like the Golden God. It's also a really really awesome book and you must read it, if you haven't already. And if you have, read it again. Because it's awesome. Trust me, I'm supposedly really peculiar with books... So, Kingdom Of The Wicked = Perfect. Not quite my favourite of the series, but very high up. And there's a certain ship in that book that makes me happy...Not Valduggery, by the way. I shan't be giving my opinion of that pairing...It's best left unsaid.

If your bookcase is lacking Kingdom Of The Wicked, I pity you. It's hilarious, witty, emotional, painful, clever, peculiar, odd, Skulduggery and it was written by the Golden God. How much more perfect can you get?
High time I prove my obsession with skulls, I think. Two of my skultastic bags, four of my skulls and two of my skull bracelets. I've other skullified things in my room, but I'm far too lazy to find them! The blue skull, there, is made from obsidian and is incredibly rare to find in such a form. My dad bought it me as a present for getting one of the highest grades in English in my year. I love it, it's from Cornwall. Actually, all of those skulls are from Cornwall. Cornwall is nice. I like Cornwall. I still need to blog about that. I need to blog a lot more often. But I blog about boring things. I should be more exciting. Like popcorn. Does anyone else sit and watch the popcorn pop, or is it just me? I'll sit and listen for the pops of the corn. And the sweet scent of popcorn fills the air, so I grab a glass of pop and a bowl for the popcorn before putting the popcorn in a bowl and snuggling up all warm and watching an awesome film. My favourite film at the moment is Hunger Games. I am obsessed. Coyote Ugly is an epic film, too! I love it. And Ninja Assassin. There's a film that doesn't lack ninjas- Ninka Assassin! And it has Joon and Rain in. And they're HAWT.

Well, I don't believe in goodbye. Goodbye means forever. And no-one can leave you forever. You'll just be seeing them soon...I never want to say goodbye. I just thought you all needed to see this picture - it's beautiful. Disney might be full of happy endings, but it proves that those who suffer smile the brightest...It'll be tough now, but things can change. And that's just another reason for me to love Disney...

Finally, my favourite picture in the world.Two of the greatest men I've ever had the honour of knowing. I'll probably never get to meet either of them in person, but they're truly inspirational. And they're my heroes. So, Derek and Joe, I love you both. You're immense. Thank you, for everything.
And any idiot that actually decided to read my blog- I love you! Thank you! It's rare I get people reading my blog. It's rare I get people paying attention to what I say. :P

Thank you~!

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